I have between 11 and 15 coveys reproducing on my property from the Surrogator®

John from NC

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The Surrogator® by WMT

  • Establishes a huntable game bird population on your property
  • Provides shelter from predators and the elements
  • Provides heat to prevent cold related mortality
  • Provides continuous nourishment and water
  • Birds become imprinted to the surrounding area
  • Limits human contact for increased survivability
  • Easy to relocate to new location after 5 weeks
  • Use up to 5 times per season

The Surrogator®, a patented process, is a self-contained field unit that will establish a huntable population of game birds on your property. This is NOT an adult bird release system! The Surrogator® functions as a “surrogate parent” by providing food, water, warmth and protection for the first 4 - 5 weeks of the bird’s life. By placing the Surrogator® in a location where you would like to establish a huntable population of pheasant or quail, chicks raised in the unit become imprinted to that location. The bird's natural homing instinct motivates them to live and reproduce where they were raised and released.

The Surrogator® will hold 125, day-old quail chicks or 65, day-old pheasant chicks until they reach 4 -5 weeks of age. The greatest mortality on the life of game birds happens in the nest and before three weeks of age. Chicks raised in the Surrogator® are protected from predators and the elements at a time when they are most vulnerable. Research proves that game birds develop their natural survival instincts by the 4th - 5th week of age. Chicks raised in the Surrogator® have limited human contact, further protecting the natural survivability of the birds.