Game Bird Starter Feed

Our Game Bird Starter Feed for wild game chicks was specially formulated for use in the Surrogator® as a result of ongoing research with Birds of Brilliance along with various studies launched to evaluate the needs of Surrogator® released birds. This feed provides the most optimum nutritional requirements for game bird chicks. The feed recipe is specifically designed to mimic the high protein diets and essential vitamins, trace minerals and electrolytes which are essential to a wild game chick’s health and development.

PrimaLac, a key ingredient in this Game Bird Starter Feed, contains beneficial bacteria that chicks would normally find in the wild, but not in most manufactured feeds. PrimaLac is a multi-strain pro-biotic that promotes better feed efficiency, feather growth, weight gain, and a strong immune system without medicating the chicks.

Typically, one to two 50 lb bags are needed for each Surrogator® cycle. Give your chicks the best start in life by providing them with this high quality feed.