Brood Magnet Seed

Wildlife Management Technologies



The WMT Brood Magnet Seed Mix is designed specifically to provide broods of pheasant & quail exactly what they need - insects and protection. It provides an ideal canopy of cover, while also keeping the ground relatively bare to allow chicks to move about freely and chase insects. Several studies have proven that areas interseeded with these seeds increases invertebrates (insect) numbers by an amazing 200 to 500%! Since the diet of young birds consist of 90% insects because of the high protein content, having a brooding area is critical for survival!

Available in a 25 lb bag.

WMT’s Brood Magnet Seed Mix is planted in the fall or spring and grows to maturity the first season. After the initial planting, it will provide several years of benefit. After year 3 just lightly disk the area and the early successional nature of the seeds will lead to new growth.



Disc the soil.  Broadcast seed.  Cover by dragging.  Can also be drilled.
Plant when soil temperatures are around 55°, usually in Sept or April/May.  Fertilizing may benefit areas with marginal soils.


If broadcast, plant 8 pounds per acre.
If drilled, plant 4 pounds per acre.


Will cover approximately 3+ acres


Plant WMT's Brood Magnet Seed mix with WMT's Food Plotthis spring to maximize and concentrate game birds on your property!