About Wildlife Management Technologies

Wildlife Management Technologies, LLC (WMT) was created in 2005 as the new owner and parent company of Quail Restoration Technologies and Pheasant Restoration Technologies which were formed in 1999.

2019 marked our 20th anniversary! Over two decade of research has been used to develop the products currently available from WMT. This research has focused on significantly increasing quail and pheasant populations on any given property, both through quality habitat improvement techniques and products that create opportunities for upland game birds to thrive.

The result of these efforts will provide huntable quail and pheasant populations on your property. As quail and pheasant habitat continues to decline across the United States, WMT, through Quail Restoration Technologies and Pheasant Restoration Technologies, continues the research and development of restoration systems to ensure huntable populations of game birds to all hunters and landowners.

We look forward to continuing our research and providing products and services that meet the specific needs of our customers, and continually enhancing an already strong history in game bird and habitat restoration.






Hello Fellow Game Bird Enthusiasts. Wildlife Management Technologies (WMT) started in 2005 as the parent company of Quail and Pheasant Restoration Technologies, which were formed in 1999. 2019 marked our 20th anniversary!

WMT’s products are the result of over two decades of research in the area of game bird restoration. At WMT, it is our mission to continue this research in an ongoing endeavor to provide viable solutions to our declining game bird population.

We have completed several 2.5-year research projects to further the scientific documentation of surrogate propagation. Be sure to see our research results as they become available.

We feel confident that our products are unique and offer cutting edge technology in the game bird restoration industry. We're pleased that you have taken the time to review our product line.

Please call us anytime at 316-200-0134. We welcome the opportunity to visit with you and answer your questions regarding upland game bird restoration! Thank You!