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2009 marked the beginning of several research projects on our research property located in Greensburg, Kansas as well as North, East and South Texas.

Greensburg, Kansas Research Project:

  • Organized by Dr. Fred Guthery and Dr. Craig Davis of Oklahoma State University.
  • Along with Drs Guthery and Davis, 2 full-time graduate students are conducting the research on our 12,000 acre property.
  • Project duration—2.5 years.

North, East and South Texas Research Projects:

  • Sister projects organized by Dr. Dale Rollins and other biologists.
  • Along with the biologists, numerous graduate students are conducting the research.
  • Project duration—2.5 years.
The projects include telemetry (radio collaring) and banding on Surrogator® released quail and pheasant. Also included is habitat evaluation, studies on insect abundance and habitat used by the birds, feeder and water use, food plot configuration, predator evaluations, quail call and rooster crow counts, and other important criteria for the upland game bird restoration success. Data is expected to be available in the Fall of 2010 with a full report released in the Fall of 2011.
We are very excited about these projects and believe the results will show the great benefits the Surrogator® process and our other products and services can provide. We will keep you updated on the results as they become available.

Capturing a bird for banding

Preparing a bird for transmitter

Applying radio transmitter to bird