Success Stories

These things work great! You can count on seeing Surrogators® on each parcel of ground that I own!
Craig (Legacy Pheasant Hunts) from South Dakota

I'm very happy with my units! This really works!
Bernie from Pennsylvania

I shot my first rooster in 20 years! 
Peter from Michigan

The birds took off in all directions upon release! I'm seeing birds everywhere!
Paul from Minnesota

Going Great! Bird hunting has been fantastic!
Jim from South Dakota

The unit worked fantastic!
Cliff from California

The short story on results is Phenomenal!!! I haven't been able to hunt birds like this since 1975! After the big blizzard, I didn't think I would see a covey rise like that again in my lifetime on my farm!
E.K. from Ohio

I have seen birds around and they are visiting my feeder. I am very pleased with the unit and the customer service.
Chuck from Idaho

The birds are taking to my sorghum great. I loved how they flew out of the Surrogator® and one even had a grasshopper in its mouth before it hit the ground!
Greg from Georgia

The Feeders are fantastic!
Frank from GA

Hey the bird hunting has been wonderful!!! I have quail everywhere, to the extent that on the second weekend of season, we found 13 coveys and only hunted till 1pm each day.
Bryan from KS

It's going good. I've hunted about 2-1/2 days and found 6 coveys. The birds flew great!!!!!!!!!!!
Derrell from NC

I had the unit out in the field and the hurricane was coming. The cycle was approaching 5 weeks, but I knew liberating just before the storm would be detrimental. So I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. The storm passed just to our west, leaving us on the dangerous east side with winds well over 100mph. Trees, powerlines, and structures were down everywhere. I just knew the Surrogator was destroyed. I went out after the storm, slowly lifted the lid and peered inside. Not one bird was harmed!! I couldn't believe it! The Surrogator® withstood 100mph winds!
Grant from TX

Have seen several nice coveys that have to be Surrogator® birds!
Kip from CO

The unit is perfect! The Surrogator® is the best thing. Phenomenal!
Jim from IA

Things went great. We have a quail population now!
Dennis from IA

Unit worked perfect and exactly as advertised!
Dave from IA

They really came out with wild instincts.
Jack from IN

Man I was shocked, we found 3 large coveys.
Jim from MO

I have between 11 and 15 coveys reproducing on my property from the Surrogator®
John from NC

Seeing lot of pheasant and just found a covey of 60 birds!
Brian from NE

Very happy with unit, will be ordering 2 more this year and several next year.
Mike from WY

I limited out every time I hunt!
Trae from OK

Two weeks ago I saw nine coveys of birds! Each one averaged about forty birds per covey! They flew great! They acted totally wild!
Jim from Chanute, Kansas

I killed two banded birds released from my Surrogator unit two years ago!
Johnny from Wichita Falls, Texas

We have gone from zero quail to hearing birds everywhere!
George from Nashville, Tennessee

This year I have released between 1500 and 1800 quail; bobs, blues and Tennessee Reds. I am seeing lots and lots and lots of birds! I can't go into the pasture now without seeing 50 pairs!
Zane from New Braunfels, Texas

I saw two groups of birds three or four weeks ago. Each covey had between fifteen to twenty birds in it.
Billy from Newberry, South Carolina

My first day in the field I saw four coveys. I saw about sixty birds in a plum thicket within a quarter mile of the unit site!
Alan from Emporia, Kansas

Birds flew great!
Joe from Mobile, Alabama

...So far, my first batch has been sighted several times and are hale and hardy...This has been one of the most enjoyable and entertaining things I've done in a long time...
Lynn from Central Texas

I am seeing birds all over the 100 acres as well as on other locations around the property. Birds raised in the Surrogator are not vulnerable to fire-ants as the native birds are.
Jeff from Longview, Texas

Man, these things really work! ...We'd like two more!
Chuck from Fort Worth, Texas

While brush hogging this spring, I flushed a covey of 50 birds released from The Surrogator® last year! Just the day before, I flushed about 100 birds from the release this year!
Randy from North Texas

I heard birds calling everywhere! I saw birds everywhere!
Ted from Wichita Falls, Texas

We saw quail from the units consistently, through the summer and into the Fall!
Ronnie, Ranch Manager for Hill Country Texas game ranch from Texas

This is the best hunt I've been on in years!
Tim Hartman from Primetime Outdoors

I got birds!
Jim from Maryland

They flew like native birds
Ricky from Western Oklahoma

It works!
Dr. Ed Seaberg from Hominy, Oklahoma

Significantly increased both my pheasant and quail population in the first year!
Jason from Hubbell, Nebraska