Shade Netting

Wildlife Management Technologies



The WMT Shade Netting allows you to place your Surrogator® in the ideal location without worrying about the existence of shade trees.  Our Shade Netting is constructed of a diamond weave PVC coated mesh fabric.  The fabric has been treated with U.V. and mildew inhibitors and is resistant to abrasion.  The WMT Shade Netting is 12’ X 8’ providing ample shading of the entire Surrogator® Unit.  Its dark green color enables it to blend in with the natural surroundings.  Hems are triple reinforced with nylon webbing and heavy duty brass grommets are spaced every 12 inches along the perimeter.  When used correctly our Shade Netting will last for years.

By utilizing a WMT Shade Netting you can better maintain the appropriate temperature of your birds while increasing their survival rate in the Surrogator®.  In addition, placing the unit more in the open allows for some wind flow which can help during very hot conditions.  Open placement of the unit can also reduce the mosquitoes that your game birds are exposed to, typically found in areas around large trees and creek or river areas.

This is not a tarp, but rather an 80% shade netting that allows some rain and light to penetrate through.  This helps acclimate the birds to their natural surrounding allowing the user to release a hardier bird better prepared to survive on its own.