Field Waterer System

The Game Bird Field Waterer provides upland game birds a consistent source of moisture, even when mother nature doesn’t! Place near The Surrogator® release site, or next to a feeder, and birds are attracted to the shiny water nipples. Each tap provides them with a drop of clean, nourishing water!


  • Green 5 gallon bucket
  • Green 1/4" water tube
  • Water Bar with 4 drinker nipples
  • Two water bar legs

Also designed so that it fits under the WMT Game Bird Feeder.  See Game Bird Field Feeder / Waterer Combo to save money if you also need a field feeder.

Can be used with the WMT T-Post Bracket (Sold Separately). See Accessories or Feed & Water tab for more information.

For replacement parts for this system, click HERE.