Game Bird Field Feeder / Waterer Combo

The Game Bird Feeder adjusts to feed different types and sizes of seed, such as corn, milo, wheat and soybeans! Because of its large holding capacity (between 200 and 250 lbs depending on seed weight) it is low maintenance and requires less attention from you! This sturdy, UV-protected feeder designed out of polyethylene plastic will last at least 20 years in normal conditions.

The Game Bird Field Waterer is designed so that it fits under the WMT Game Bird Feeder and provides upland game birds a consistent source of moisture, even when mother nature doesn’t!  Place near The Surrogator® release site, or next to a feeder, and birds are attracted to the shiny water nipples. Each tap provides them with a drop of clean, nourishing water!

For replacement feeder cups for this unit, go to Feeder Cup.

For replacement watering bar, go to 5-Nipple Waterer.